Living The Lush Life: Barrett Pall By Marco Ovando

In Marco Ovando’s latest editorial exclusive for The Underwear Expert, we find model Barrett Pall soaking up the last rays of summer in Central Park. The green and lush photos make us want to hold onto this beautiful boy of summer during its final days.

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The native New Yorker looks at home in the natural setting of one of America’s most gorgeous parks. Early in the day, Barrett sprawls out so the sun can soak his toned body with warming light. He stands out amongst the plush foliage in bright, contrasting pairs of 2(X)IST and M8 Mate underwear in shades of pink and orange. Marco Ovando then penetrates the park deeper as the sun continues to move West. To match the play of light and shadows the sun casts between the thick greenery, Barrett changes into an emerald pair of 2(X)IST and then fully blends in with pairs of Wood underwear from their newest Camo line.

Following the setting sun, the team moves to rocky cliffs where Barrett really gets to show off every angle of his body. He almost blends into the rocks in neutral pairs briefs from Bread & Boxers and M8 Mate. Before the sunset, Marco captures one last gorgeous photo as the day’s final light encompasses Barrett in an ethereal glow.

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While we are sad to see the summer pass, Barrett gave us something to hold onto for the upcoming winter. Let us know what you think about the latest photo shoot from Marco Ovando featuring Barrett Pall by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Marco Ovando


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