Jor Gets “In The Shower” For New Video

The steaminess starts before the water ever starts to run in Jor’s new “In The Shower” video. Óscar Saldarriaga comes home from what must’ve been a hard day at the office. It takes no time at all for him to start undressing, right there in his living room. We get a peek at his butt before he goes into the bathroom to bathe. And it isn’t long after that that Esteban García comes in through the back door.

We don’t want to give the entire video away, so you should really just watch it. Both of the models that strip down for it are handsome and fit, and of course sporting some of Jor’s best and sexiest products. The Jor looks don’t stay on for long though. Because as the title implies, this video is all about Esteban and Óscar getting in the shower.

You can watch Jor’s “In The Shower” video below. What did you think of the model? Do you also get undressed in your living room? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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