Jerone Proves All That Glitters Is Gold

sly bandana

In this stunning yet laid back photo editorial from Barry Marre, Jerone from Actors and Models Agency glams it up in the most casual setting.

Wearing a pair of shimmering gold brief underwear by Allan Vos, the team successfully proves that you can wear a flashy pair of underwear like this outside of the club, and in any environment or situation. The glittery briefs would normally light up the room, but Barry Marre was able to find the perfect balance between its glitz and the sepia filled background setting. The underwear never loses our attention, but we are also focused on Jerone’s sharp facial features and lean body. Photographed with a simple floral curtain as the backdrop, the editorial takes us into a dreamlike haze like a Lana Del Rey music video. We can only dream of getting caught up and lost in the floral curtains with Jerone and his gold underwear.

What type of escape does this photo editorial featuring Jerone take you to? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Barry Marre




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