Go Wild, The Andres Velasco Scratch Range

Clever Long Boxers

Andres Velasco Scratch

Some brands take a cheesy approach with animal prints while others, like Andres Velasco, take a more creative direction. The new Andres Velasco Scratch Range will have you feeling like you encountered a jungle beast, and triumphed with a fun, futuristic design.

The Andres Velasco Scratch Collection features three styles: a V-Neck tee ($24.99), brief ($12.99), and a bikini ($12.99). The entire collection is made up of a polyester/spandex mix. The collection’s name comes from its edgy metallic print that resembles claw marks from a fierce beast. The underwear is only available in white and with silver claw details.

The Andres Velasco Scratch Collection is available in S-XL

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For more information about this brand: Andres Velasco

Photo Credit: Andres Velasco

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