GO Green Fit: Rowing Sets

For this video, Go Green demonstrates rowing sets that give your entire body a workout. The routine consists of 10 rounds, the first starting with a 1000 meter row. For each consecutive minute, you row 100 meters less. But these rowing sets only start off on the rowing machine. Each rowing set is followed up by 3 muscle-ups, 6 bench press reps lifting your body weight, 9 Russian kettlebell swings, and finally 12 V-ups.

These sets are a great way to train, regardless of your fitness goals. Rowing machines not only provide a low-impact cardio workout, but they serve as a great way to break up the quick sets of the other exercises in this workout. Working out for time will ensure that, while the rowing distance decreases, the difficulty will not. Rowing will also work your core if you row with the proper form, as will the V-ups.

What other exercises do you like to combine with rowing while at the gym? Are there any other sets that you like to do? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.


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