GO Green Fit: Man Makers

For this Instagram video, Go Green demonstrates man makers. He implements them in a workout that also includes toes-to-bars and boxer jumps, but the man makers are what make the workout. Man makers are essentially a chain of movements that target all of your main muscle groups. There are several variations of man makers out there. But as long as you feel your muscles working, and they’re sore when your reps are done, your variation is probably a correct one.

The chain of movements often includes squats, push-ups, single-arm rows, and power cleans. You can see Go Green’s variation in the Instagram video. Man makers are one hell of a calorie burner too. So no matter your fitness goal, they would make a smart addition to your routine.

What sequence of movements make up your typical man maker? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.



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