GO Green Fit: Ab Burner

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This quick workout that Go Green demonstrates is a total ab burner. He performs three sets of a weighted plank and GHD sit-ups to hammer away at his core. Each of the exercises is done for one minute and broken up with 30 seconds of rest.

GHD sit-ups are a great way to work your core because of the extension they allow. By fully extending your core, you target those harder to reach lower abs as well as the others. When performing GHD sit-ups, watch how much momentum you build. Going too fast will steal some of the exercise’s benefits. Weighted plank holds also build core strength by adding resistance that your abs are supposed to compensate for.

What kind of ab burner moves do you do at the gym? Do you also combine GHD sit-ups with weighted planks? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.


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