GO Green Fit: 5×5 Back Squats

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In this Instagram video, Go Green is demonstrating back squats and performing them in five sets of five reps. Back squats require a lot of muscle and build a lot more. We mentioned this before, and we will again: it is incorrect to assume that squats strictly work your legs. Back squats will require you to dig into a lot of your muscles and are thus a great exercises when looking to bulk up.

If you are just starting to get into squats, back squats or otherwise, figure out whether or not you prefer a high bar or low bar position. With the high bar, the barbell rests by your traps and your neck. With the low bar, the barbell rests lower on your traps and near your deltoids. No matter which position you choose, start your first rep by getting underneath the bar and gripping it. Your hands should be close to your body, and your shoulder blades should be pushed toward your spine.

How much can you lift when doing back squats? Are there other squat variations you prefer? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.


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