Garcon Model Trend Survey and Infographic

Our good friends Garçon Model are really into underwear. If you couldn’t tell that already from their Miami collection — which was one of the season’s hottest releases — they have taken their passion for skivvies one step further.

Recently, Garçon Model conducted an online survey from their website where they questioned 1,000 men about their underwear habits. The results revealed an in-depth analysis of the relationship between men and their undies. Being The Underwear Expert, we would have bet tons of our favorite pairs on certain findings, but we were pleasantly surprised by some of the survey’s discoveries.

To share everything they learned, Garçon Model put together a visually pleasing and fun infographic. Here’s some of what we loved:

  • 10% of men own between 50-500 pairs of underwear
  • 70% of men say their undies make them feel good about themselves
  • 41% of men prefer briefs
  • Over 50% of men spend more than $80 on underwear a year

Now, the next time you go underwear shopping you will be better informed of what’s in and what’s out, so your butt is always in! We’re hoping this little study also influences Garçon Model’s next collection, which we already can’t wait for.

See what’s trending for 2014-2015 and then tell us if the survey will sway your underwear habits by leaving a comment below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

For more information on the brand: Garçon Model


Photo Credit: Garçon Model

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