Fairy Tales: Hansel and Hansel

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So excited to buy design direct, Hansel and Hansel had paid little attention to where they were headed. It wasn’t until they came to a turn in the path that they stopped to think.

“Which way?” worried Hansel.

“I don’t know!” his brother replied. “I never go into these boring old woods.”

“I know!” cried Hansel, digging a stack of coupons out of his pockets. “We’ll just leave a trail of these coupons behind us. That way we will know how to get back and we won’t use up them all at the store!”

“You are so smart!” said Hansel.

“I know!”


And Hansel and Hansel walked on, placing the coupons so they could find their way back.

Unfortunately, they weren’t so smart after all. Had they come to the woods at least once in their fashionable lives, they would know the woods were full of elves. And if there is one thing elves love, it’s shopping at a discount. Every coupon they put down was snatched right up.

Tisk … tisk…. tisk.


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