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Contour Micro Collection

Do you like microfiber underwear? Known for it’s moisture-wicking properties, microfiber can be any manufactured synthetic fiber (poly or nylon). Fabrics made with microfiber are lightweight and durable, matching the qualities of natural fibers. The Contour Micro Collection separates itself from other Contour Collections in that is incorporates microfiber. Thus, the name.

The Contour Micro Collection features four styles: thong ($12.99), french brief ($16.99), cutaway bikini ($14.99), and basic men’s brief ($16.99). The material is made up of a spandex/polyester blend that makes it feel extra soft. The ideal wearer of this underwear appreciates combining comfort with sex appeal. The signature Contour V-Shape seam enhances and supports. The underwear is available in three bright colors: blue, green, and red.

The Contour Micro Collection is available in sizes S-XL

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