Design Your Shrine Yet?

If you missed our shop talk with Shrine Boxers, one of the coolest and most fun things about the brand is their ongoing ‘Design Your Shrine’ challenge. Using a simple template which you can edit online or in Photoshop, you’re free to get as buckwild or classy as possible (within the design parameters).

You’re allowed a single color for the underwear body and for the logo, and finding the right color can be tricky. You’re allowed three colors for the waistband, and that is where you really get to flex your creative muscles. Because at Shrine Boxers, they believe the most visible part of your underwear should be as unique as you are.

Entering into the design challenge is simple. After designing your pair, post it to the Shrine Boxers Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #MyShrineEntry. The grand prize winner will receive 25 pairs of Shrine boxers, valued at $500. And even if you don’t come out on the very top, five finalists will receive five pairs, valued at $100. You can also submit an unlimited number of entries from now until Oct. 25.

When sitting down to design a few pairs, it was tricky to come up with something that hadn’t already been seen on a pair of underwear. Not only that, but to find the right colors and a unique design that could impress. The first one has a pink waistband and logo, the waistband with overlapping black and grey lines. The second is less unique, we’ll admit, but uses some colors that we think look awesome together.

The third is the most unique. The body and waistband are both black and the logo is a soft yellow. The waistband pops with colored dots in red, a greenish yellow, and a bluish purple. They spell out “love” in Braille, which is something we definitely haven’t seen on a waistband lately. It’s pretty cute, and could make for a flirtatious conversation starter.

Take a look at the gallery below to see some of the designs we made for the Shrine Boxer Design Your Shrine Challenge. If you designed a pair, how did you make the waistband pop? Did you like any of the designs we came up with? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Shrine Boxers

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