BTS: What Got The AC Models Hot N’ Bothered?

The Andrew Christian “Hot N’ Bothered” video was a trip to the hardest hard hat zone imaginable. But what exactly got the sexy Andrew Christian boys all hot n’ bothered in the first place? We wanted to know, so we took a behind the scenes look at the construction zone. As it turns out, the guys weren’t as hard at work as you’d expect. They were all smiles and muscles, too busy being sexy to get anything done. And then they start making out.

We aren’t complaining about all the kissing. In fact, we have come to expect it from Andrew Christian. Acting like handymen, the AC models get all kinds of handsy with each other for the camera. And the best part is there is hardly a shirt in sight, just a lot of hot guys, wood, and nails.

You can watch the Andrew Christian “Hot N’ Bothered” video here.

Check out the gallery below for the rest of our behind the scenes look at the Andrew Christian “Hot N’ Bothered” video. What was your favorite moment from the vid? Did it give you a good look at your favorite AC model? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Andrew Christian

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