Bounce Test Administered By Kevin Benoit

Bounce Test

Kevin Benoit is administering the bounce test this time around, putting the Almost Naked Quirk Boxer, Jock Thong, and Brief to the underwear test. And while he was there to bounce his butt around, Kevin exceeds are expectations. He rubs his hands across his muscles and gives the camera some dangerously flirty eyes before bouncing around. Is an A+++ a thing? It should be.

If you are unfamiliar with Kevin Benoit, you are about to get familiar. He is such a stud, and in the Almost Naked Jock Thong especially, you can see that he has one hell of a booty on him. But we’re still staring even when we can’t see it. The Almost Naked Quirk Boxer has sexy little cutouts that let us see more of Kevin’s skin. And the brief is, of course, not coving much. Or is it covering everything?

Check out the gallery below to watch Kevin Benoit give some looks in the Almost Naked Collection a bounce test. How do you think Kevin Benoit did giving the bounce test? Which one would you like to see him test again? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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