The Best Hiking Underwear For Tackling Terrain

Obviously Island Breeze

Hiking is always best during the fall. The air is brisk and the leaves are changing. But you can’t enjoy the outdoors properly without hiking underwear. Hiking underwear uses a lot of the same moisture wicking materials as activewear collections, such as polyester and light cotton. The best ones are also odor-blocking and capable of regulating your body temperature. And more than anything, they are easy to move in.

When choosing our hiking underwear picks, we tried to get a variety of leg lengths. When being active, many guys will strongly prefer a brief or a longer boxer short. Both will give you the mobility you want when hiking, one with more freedom and the other with more support. So take a hike and get away. Forget your 99 problems and appreciate that ill-suited underwear isn’t one of them.

Look at the gallery below to see some smart hiking underwear choices. Is there a certain brand you always wear when going for a hike? What do you think makes the perfect pair of hiking underwear? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: C-IN2, Jack Adams, N2N, Smartwool, Under Armour

Photo Credit: C-IN2, Jack Adams, N2N, Smartwool, Under Armour


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