Behind The Scenes: Andrew Christian “Rain”


Going in, you should know that these behind the scenes pics from Andrew Christian’s “Rain” vid are just as wet at the video itself. And they’re just a hot. The video was the perfect summer storm of sexy, and these more candid glances at the guys are a rain dance to keep the men pouring down. We get to see Topher and Noah looking super cute together, and some freeze frames of the guys making out in a tent. While others pour water on them, of course.

With this backstage look, we also get to see some AC models sharing an outdoor shower. There is also plenty of lifeguard goodness, if that’s more your thing. But perhaps the best thing about the behind the scenes look at “Rain,” though, is Rocky. We get a better look at that painted suit of his and everything is hides. Or doesn’t hide.

Check out the gallery below for a behind the scenes look at Andrew Christian’s “Rain” video. Are you still reeling from the video? What is your favorite behind the scenes shot? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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