Baskit $12 Tuesday: Light Yoga Cut V-Neck Tee

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This week, the Baskit $12 Tuesdays special is featuring their Light Yoga Cut V-Neck Tee for — that’s right — just $12!

While these obviously make a great top for yoga sessions, the v-neck tees are also great for everyday wear because they are made from 100% cotton jersey. The tees come in four solid colors including red, charcoal gray, green ivy, and midnight blue. Stitching runs around the bottom of the shirt, shoulders, arm openings, neck hole and there is extra stitching on the back sides to provide some extra ventilation along with more support. Don’t let the summer heat bring you down at all, try out this tee while you can for a 40% off discount at a great price of $12!

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The Baskit Light Yoga Cut V-Neck Tee is available in sizes S-XL.

For more information on the brand: Baskit

Photo Credit: Baskit

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