Ask The Expert: Socks

Adam from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. — Sure you’ve got all this great advice, but I don’t know which brands are meant for what. So tell me expert, which and what?

All right Adam! It’s like you read our mind. We were just about to break down some of our favorite sock brands for you.

Equmen — If you’re looking for top-of-the-line compression activewear then look no further than Equmen. These scientifically designed socks do the best job possible when it comes to gripping, holding, and healing. Here it’s not just about quality and fashion, but also about factoring in the importance of health and recuperation as well.

Lupo — This Brazilian company has a large selection of socks in the performance, active, and running categories. They have made a truly reliable name for themselves in the athletic market.  All their socks use fiber blends and are designed with performance and comfort in mind. The colors might be on the neutral side, but the design is flawless.

Happy Socks — Color, style, class, trend-setting. We could praise Happy Socks all day, every day. This Swedish company brings brilliance, fun, and a hip attitude to each pair of socks they put out. Each sock is also well designed, with noticeable toes and comfortable heel cups.

Mack Weldon – Elegant, well-crafted, and with a number of conservative designs, Mack Weldon makes socks that are always masculine. The knit fibers make for a good fit with enough elasticity to keep going no matter what the day demands. They’ve got all different lengths, including no-show liners, so you can wear a pair of Mack Weldon socks for every event.

Hanes / Jockey – You know them. You love them. These reliable cotton basics are sold at great prices and are standards for every collection and every generation.

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Photo Credits: Happy Socks, Equmen, Hanes, Jockey, Mack Weldon, Lupo


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  1. Patrick says:

    I wear size 14 shoes and normal size dress socks are simply too small. I want to wear bold colors/patterns but the socks get stretched out and destroyed so fast that it feels like a waste of money to spend money on fun fashionable socks. Do you know of any companies that make larger fun socks?

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