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Simon from Cincinnati, Ohio — Look, I know there are all kinds of dress socks nowadays, and showing ankle with fancy clothes is a no go. But what about this whole trend to show colorful socks when in fancy attire? What’s it appropriate for and what is it not?

What a fantastic question, Simon. You really knocked my socks off with that one. Let’s work our way down from the fanciest to the most casual.

Black Tie And Evening Formalwear

There is really one rule and one rule only: no white socks and no athletic socks. Having style means a guy can pull off a lot of things but not even style maven Tom Ford could pull off that look. As for toeing the line, it’s up to you. If you are the kind of person who, in wearing a pair of bright argyle socks, is going to feel self-conscious about your decision the whole time, then stick with traditional black socks.


Again, no hard fast rule here. Go with what makes you feel best. But make sure your colors are matching. If you are wearing a brown suit, don’t wear black socks. Don’t even wear socks with black in the pattern. Vice versa as well. If you’re wearing a navy blue suit, feel free to spice it up with color blocking. Pick a bright and solid color that screams for attention, or pick a design that compliments the entire look. And again, do what makes you feel comfortable. If you think suits require a matching look of refinement, then follow your heart and your tootsies.

Casual Wear

Here’s where we’re seeing the biggest trend, especially with fall coming up. A pair of solid color pants rolled up to the lower calf, slip-on shoes, and absolutely awesome socks exposed. So when it comes to casual wear, here is where you get to go crazy. Color block, contrast, clash, wear screaming colors. But whatever you do, make sure you show your ankles.

We personally think that there is no event, time, or attire that doesn’t call for amazing socks. But know your restraints. If it isn’t gonna fly with company policy (or maybe at  a funeral) you know, rein it in.


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  1. Patrick says:

    I wear size 14 shoes and normal size dress socks are simply too small. I want to wear bold colors/patterns but the socks get stretched out and destroyed so fast that it feels like a waste of money to spend money on fun fashionable socks. Do you know of any companies that make larger fun socks?

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