AC’s “Hot N’ Bothered” Video Nails It

Andrew Christian’s new “Hot N’ Bothered” video plays up the whole hot-guy-at-the-construction-zone thing, but with the brand’s rowdy sense of fun and sex. A lot of our favorite men are here and hard at work doing some remodeling. Cory Zwierzynski and Topher DiMaggio both look as hot as ever, as do the rest of the nearly-naked guys. And by the end of the video, your idea of a dream home renovation will be completely and forever changed.

In a nutshell, the video shows a bunch of Andrew Christian models getting hot n’ bothered while doing manual labor. And if the guys know how to do something other than home renovations, it’s how to have fun. And be sexy. Never has a hard hat zone seen so many unzipped short shorts, homoeroticism, or bubbles.

You can watch the Andrew Christian “Hot N’ Bothered” video below. Would you hire these guys to come work on your house? How many construction-related innuendos do you know? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Andrew Christian

Video Credit: Andrew Christian

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