10 Andrew Christian Jockstraps We’re Obsessed With

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Andrew Christian Jockstrap

For the past few weeks, we’ve been in a jockstrap fever induced by the Andrew Christian ‘Jocks In Jocks’ video. Though the video and set photos have provided us with plenty of eye candy, we thought we’d honor the actual Andrew Christian jockstrap designs we are currently obsessed with. As long as we can remember, Andrew Christian has always been at the forefront of jockstrap design. They continue to push the boundaries of style and sex appeal. We are definitely not complaining.

The latest jockstrap looks from the brand may be some of its most diverse. The C-Ring Brief Jock leaves little to the imagination, letting it all hang out with the frontal c-ring feature. The Almost Naked Jock Thong is a hybrid of three Andrew Christian lines, blending the jock, thong, and anatomically correct pouch. The Almost Naked Freedom Jock tucks everything in the front and gives you a completely exposed back. It’s strapless. If you are looking for a little more lift with additional straps, you may want to try the Almost Naked Bubble Butt Jock.

Check out more of our favorite Andrew Christian jockstraps below. Which one is your favorite? Is there a jock we missed that you love even more? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

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