White Undies To Wear Before Labor Day

Pump! True Blue


Sure a white pair of underwear is always appropriate, and we are only half kidding when we say your white pairs should be permanently benched after labor day. But if you truly want to stick fashion’s most well-known adage, we have compiled a list of underwear looks to wear before labor. Because once September hits, your wardrobe’s white is gonna be less stylish and more last summer.

1. PUMP! Candy Brief


The PUMP! Candy Brief is a cute white look that features some very bright and sugary pops of color. The details are done in neon hues of blue, pink and green. They’ll look best during the spring and summer, so rock them when bright is in style.

2. aussieBum Spartacus Boxer


This look has a bold and energetic waistband that made it great for summer. The waistband really makes the look with its cartoon-style, and has a ton of playful flair to it.

3. Andrew Christian Trophy Boy Glimmer Jock


We can still imagine wearing this any time of the year, but if you ditch white after Labor Day, this is one you’ll want to get your use out of. The blue and yellow seams are definitely more spring-y, but the look is sexy year-round.

4. Teamm8 Strike Brief


The Teamm8 Strike Brief is another white look with contrasting pops of color. For this one, the seams are done in orange and blue. The look is another that we can see staying in your underwear rotation.

5. Mosmann Storm Trunk


This is a great look with dual-tone stripes that would honestly look great in winter too. But the white waistband definitely gives it a style suitable for warm seasons.

6. Jam Cup Trunk – England


Yeah, the World Cup was a long time ago, but people are probably still rocking their soccer-inspired looks. The England variation had some great contrasting red against the white. The waistband pattern is also endlessly attractive.

7. Intymen Mesh Edge 


Similar to the Jam look above, the Intymen Mesh Edge features colors that are great for the tail end of summer. The burnt tone of the orange is a nice touch that we can see sneaking into your Autumn underwear styles too.

8. Malebasics Lace Mini Boy Shorts


If its your last steamy night with your summer fling, it could be your last chance to rock the Malebasics Lace Boy Mini Shorts. The white lace features a floral pattern in a sultry and sexy design. And after Labor Day, you can seduce them with the black and red looks.

9. Garcon Model RALEIGH Brief


The Garcon Model RALEIGH Brief has more of the sugary and vibrant colors that stood out during Spring/Summer 2014. The waistband has an awesome combination of colors with the shiny blue band and pink lettering. But again, none of these really need to be taken out of your underwear rotation. Because white underwear is also in style.

Do you wear white after labor day? How many white pairs of underwear do you own? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Andrew Christian, aussieBum, Garcon Model, Intymen, Jam, Malebasics, Mosmann, PUMP!, Rounderbum

Photo Credit: Andrew Christian, aussieBum, Garcon Model, Intymen, Jam, Malebasics, Mosmann, PUMP!, Rounderbum


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