Underwear Survey, Tell Us What You’re Into

Garçon Model Elite Sport Trunks

Underwear Survey

We at The Underwear Expert have a budding curiosity. Yes, we want to know what’s going on under your pants. Not in a weird way though, just to know. After all, we strive to give you the full scoop on your favorite underwear styles and brands. And what better way for us to do so, than for our beloved underwear fans to spill the secrets of their prized underwear collection?

Does the question “boxers or briefs?” not even begin to cover it? What brand gets a special space in your drawer, where their looks are neatly folded for a special occasion? What fabric do you think touches you better than your significant other? Divulge all your underwear details, and we’ll continue to share our expertise.

Did you enjoy taking our little underwear survey? What was your second choice for your favorite underwear brand? Let us know by commenting below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert?

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