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Fashion trends come from all places. Even with trendsetters, pattern-makers, or anyone with an eye for style, the next big look will sometimes be right under our noses. This is certainly the case for camouflage.

Before 1980, camouflage was a functional design used by hunters and soldiers to blend into their environments. Suddenly it was fashion, and there are any number of possible reasons. The 80s was when Abercrombie & Fitch made it’s earth-shattering rebranding from being a men’s lodge and hunting store (complete with flannel carpet and antler chandeliers) to the affluent teen-friendly, over-cologned, hot-bod shop it is today. Maybe in an attempt to get rid of stock they started offering camouflage clothing.

Another possible correlation is the early 1990s and the Persian Gulf War. America had never had a sand war, and suddenly there was a new camouflage pattern we’d never seen, light browns and grey. Then suddenly there was night camouflage as well, a mix of dark blues and blacks. Let us not forget how very ‘rah-rah’ we all were back then, so selling Persian Gulf-styled clothing (i.e. camouflage) tied in perfectly.

Both of these could be off though. It’s possible that someone somewhere just went, ‘crap, i’m out of normal pants, I guess I’ll just wear these camo pants that my uncle gave me to for Christmas when the family goes duck hunting.’ The rest was history, like if Regina George wore camouflage to school.

It’s been almost 3 decades that camouflage has been ‘in’ and has yet to go out. In the fickle world of fashion, that is impressive. And though we’re seeing changes in style, color matching, and patterns — and there have been some flops (we’re looking at you neon orange, grey, and black) — it’s always been and always will be camouflage. And for our purposes, the underwear world will not be left out.

Timoteo leads off our trend look with 4 different cuts for their aptly named CLASSIC line. Ranging from $20-$30, these camouflaged undies come in square cut, brief, soccer jock, and jock. The camouflaged area is kept to the underwear body itself, and the basic greens and browns contrast nicely with the wide white waistband.

Frank Dandy’s Cloud Camo ($29.00) boxer briefs are a great example of how patterning can go a long way. These are definitely a camouflage design based on the interlay of coloring and patterning, but a closer look reveals that the shapes making up the camouflage are anything but random. They are, in fact, clouds.

Papi’s Incognito Brazilian Trunk ($22.50) reminds us of camouflage’s purpose through name alone. After all, one’s supposed to be unnoticed in the design. The coloring on these are great and designed to do the opposite of conceal. They make you stand out. Plus, they come in a 2-pack so you get a plain colored pair as well for when you aren’t trying to stand out.

The Covermale Bikini Camouflage ($16.95) and the Cocksox CX10CPR Brief ($25.00) are two fantastic skimpy versions of the same pattern. The Covermale is a slightly darker, more conservative set of pattern colors, whereas the Cocksox look is brighter a bit less traditional. However both do a lot with only a little fabric.

Camouflage underwear is most often seen on boxers and boxer briefs. Some great examples are the Aussiebum Brave ($31.00), the Cocksox CX12CPR Boxer Trunks ($34.00), the Intymen Camo Boxer ($27.50),  the Jam Camouflage Trunk ($20.00), the Joes NXL Boxer brief  ($29.00), and the Rounderbum Army Trunks ($22.50). Each offers a variety of colors from traditional (like Joe’s and Intymen) to the more wild in color (Cocksox, Jam, and Rounderbum) to the wild color and design (the aussiebum Brave).

We also love the XVII Hunter Men’s Tank ($20) which looks every bit as classy and club-worthy as anything we’d expect from the brand. Then the Hanes 3-pack of camouflage socks ($6.99) are a great set to own. Do we really need to say anymore? It’s a traditional design on all fronts, and it is very clear that whoever owns this, wins.

The various camouflage options from these brands are available below and on their websites. They come in a variety of shades and sizes.

For more information on these brands: Timoteo, Frank Dandy, Papi, Cover Male, CocksoxHanes, Intymen, aussieBumJam, Roundberbum Joe’s, XVII Underwear

What kind of activity would take you undercover enough to wear camouflage? Or are you just a weekend warrior? Let us know with a comment below or by tweeting @underwearexpert?

Photo Credit: Timoteo, Frank Dandy, Papi, Cover Male, Cocksox, Hanes, Intymen, Aussiebum, Joe’s, Jam, Rounderbum, XVII Underwear


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