The Top 5 Loungewear Collections

loungewear collections

When it comes to unwinding on a lazy weekend afternoon, or even serious vegging after work, you want more than anything be to comfortable. Most people have a go-to look to when it comes to lounging around. A favorite pair of shorts or a lightweight tank. Maybe a robe or long, flowing pants. But a lot of times a person’s favorite thing to relax in is old, oversized, and not very flattering. That is why we assembled this list of the top 5 loungewear collections by underwear brands. These high quality collections are designed and styled for comfort and relaxation. Don’t you deserve to unwind in style?

5. Wood


Wood’s loungewear collection includes three different style: a long-sleeve crew top, long lounge pants, and short lounge pants. All three come in blue, heather grey, and black. The lounge pants and shorts are described as “drape-y,” and made from a super soft fabric blend that will dissolve whatever stress the day may have put on you.

4. Jam


Rounderwear has a great selection of loungewear with the JamFit line of pajama pants and shorts. Both looks come in a solid black with a nice pop of color on the waistband in either green yellow, blue, pink, or purple. The looks are made from a super lightweight and breathable blend of cotton and elastane, making them great for lounging around, working out, or even sleeping.

3. Derek Rose


Derek Rose is a brand that lets you lounge around in luxury. Their loungewear collection is nearly as extensive as their underwear selection and includes robes, shorts, pants, shirts and hoodies. Some of their lounge looks are made with a great micromodal and elastane blend that is so comfortable your clothing will be the last thing on your mind. And that’s exactly what you need when trying to relax. They even have some cashmere.

2. N2N


N2N’s loungewear collections can be the most provocative way to unwind… while getting yourself wound up. They offer several looks that are lightweight and revealing, like high-cut shorts with side slits and more than a few looks made from a sexy, transparent burnout fabric. They even offer a sheer pant that might be the hottest way to relax. You can see right through it, so you’ll look and feel like you are almost wearing nothing. Talk about freedom.

1. Tani


Tani’s selection of lounge pants are top-of-the-line luxury and could possibly be the most decadent way to diffuse your stress. The three looks are made from the best fabrics around, including a micromodal blend and terry cotton. They fit loosely and comfortably while still being flattering. That way, you can truly unwind with your mind at ease. You know you look good, and you’re starting to feel so much better.

What is your favorite thing to wear when getting comfy at home? When do you most want the perfect loungewear look? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Derek Rose, Jam, N2N, Tani, Wood

Photo Credit: Derek Rose, Jam, N2N, Tani, Wood


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