Tonight’s God Of Tragedy Will Be Played By The God Of Comedic Underwear


Comedy is a broad category. There’s highbrow comedy with it’s word play and carefully crafted confusions. There’s lowbrow comedy with it’s pratfalls, slapstick, and foul language. And then there’s the comedy cellar where you’ll find comedic underwear.

Sure it’s an easy laugh – the dirty underwear, the pants falling down, the testicular pain, or even just the absurdity of being on screen in one’s underwear – but it’s a laugh we still love.

Below are ten mildly comic to outright absurd scenes all involving comedic underwear. Because, why not?

1. “Planes, Trains And Automobiles”

  • The Underwear: Boxer shorts, crew neck tee, pajamas, dress socks, and very BIG tightie whities.
  • The Joke: Was there ever another human being more perfectly built for that joke than John Candy? RIP.

2. “Breaking Bad”

  • The Underwear: Tightie whities.
  • The Joke: Complete emasculation. We think a comeback for plain white underwear might be over. This show did for Jockey what “Sideways” did for Merlot.

3. “Silverado”

  • The Underwear: Long johns. Like, real ones!
  • The Joke: He shoots a guy wearing nothing but his long johns! Oh 1980’s western, you’re so fake gritty.

4. “Weird Science”

  • The Underwear: Halter top and bikini briefs.
  • The Joke: Is on a SUPER YOUNG Bill Paxton (nice butt by the way) who claims those are women’s underwear. Welcome to the 21st century, Pea-Brain. Men wear those now.

5. “The Big Lebowski”

  • The Underwear: “My dirty undies dude. The whites.”
  • The Joke: He could also get you a toe … with nail polish.

6. “Sid and Nancy”

  • The Underwear: G-string bikini bottoms.
  • The Joke: Drug addicts, oh hahaha! They’re such a mess.

7. “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen”

  • The Underwear: Old-time knickers.
  • The Joke: An underwear hot air balloon. Do we dare ask if it runs on methane?

8. “Zoolander”

  • The Underwear: Hansel wears tighty wihties and Derek Zoolander wears … neon zebra print?
  • The Joke: it goes from crass to ouch with the precision of a high performance vehicle.

9. “Risky Business”

  • The Underwear: Tightie whities.
  • The Joke: This movie made white briefs cool by not being cool. And anyone who tells you they’ve never danced around in their underwear when they are home alone is a liar. Everyone has. It’s super fun until the 3 minute song is over. Then what the hell do you do? Oh … wait … that’s what the entire movie is more or less about.

10. “Sponge Bob Square Pants!”

  • The Underwear: Goober briefs
  • The Joke: Do we need to explain cartoons? They basement comedy here is at it’s best. Thank you cartoons. You show us what is possible time and time and time again.

We leave any great sightings out? What’s your favorite comedic underwear movie scene? Let us know with a comment below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.


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