Tommy John, Howard Stern, And Free Underwear

Tommy John

Would you like to win a free pair of Tommy John underwear? Of course you would.

After being featured and recommended on Howard Stern, underwear brand Tommy John saw a huge jump in sales — a jump they were admittedly unprepared for. Howard Stern touted the brand until people listened. And once they did, they took to Twitter to voice their love for their new underwear looks from Tommy John. People never thought they could up their underwear game so much. Some even flat out thank Howard Stern for turning them on to the brand. But like anyone who took economics in high school would know, it is all about supply and demand. The demand for Tommy John went way up, but the supply stayed the same. And as a result, a lot of Tommy John’s top-of-the-line products are currently sold out. Since the jump in sales, the brand has been equal parts apologetic and pleasantly stunned.

Because of this, Tommy John is implementing a new tool on their site. For all products that are currently sold out, you can create a product alert that will notify you when the product becomes available again. Tommy John promises this tool will allow you to be the first to new when an item is back in stock, but the real benefit comes after you create your product alert. Because once you do so, you can tweet @TommyJohn with #HowardSternTookMyTJS to be entered into a drawing. 10 winners will be selected, and each will receive underwear looks from Tommy John for free!

Were you in love with Tommy John long before Howard Stern started talking about the brand? What are your favorite Tommy John products? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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