That’s Not a Knife, That’s Australian Underwear!

Australian Underwear

Whether you’re living in the outback, surviving on Vegemite sandwiches and watching footy on the telly or not in Australia at all, you’ll still want underwear that is reliable, well-designed, and pretty much … auss-balls. So why wouldn’t you wear Australian underwear?

Underwear designed on an what’s been called an unforgiving continent will be sturdy. You’ll want to try any number of the Australian underwear looks offered from aussieBum, Cocksox, Equmen, Obviously, and Teamm8; five great Australian Companies putting out great underwear as unique and hot as their home country itself.

We’ve separated our list into three categories: briefs, trunks/boxers, and others.



1. aussieBum


Clockwise From Top Left: Billy Briefs ($15.37), Pure Byron ($22,44), Candy Briefs ($15.20), Whiskey Beech ($18.58), Gelato Briefs ($18.58)

2. Cocksox


From Left to Right: CXO1st Brief Black/White ($25.00), CSX76 Sports Brief ($29.00), CXO1st Brief Red’Black ($25.00), CXO1st Brief Black/White ($25.00), CXO3MD Waistband Brief ($29.00)

3. Equmen

Equmen Briefs ($49.00), 7 Pack ($139)

4. Obviously

Clockwise From Top Left: Low-Rise Brief ($25.95), Urban Naked Hipster Brief ($18.95), Geometric Low Rise Brief ($25.95), Low Rise Brief- White ($25.95), Urban Naked Hipster Brief – Black ($18.95), Core Naked Brief ($16.95)

5. Teamm8

Clockwise From Top Left: Touchdown Briefs ($28,85), Mate Briefs ($28.85), Bolt Briefs ($16.75), Jump Briefs ($16.75), Strike Briefs ($16.75)



1. aussieBum
Top Row: Aussboy ($33.82), Lionheart ($31.62), Brae ($31.62)
Middle Row: Freedom ($21.97), Clan ($31.62), Spot ($16.89)
Bottom Row: WJRAW Exposed ($9.27), Wonder Jock Pro ($17.74), ReadMe ($27.89)

2. Cocksox
Left To Right: CX12ST Boxer ($34.00), CSX65 Boxer Brief ($35.00), CXA93N Long Leg Boxer – Black or Neon Green ($40.00), CX12CPR Boxer ($34.00)

3. Equmen

Equmen 7 Pack Boxers ($139.00), 7 pack Long Boxers ($159.00)

4. Obviously
From Left to Right: Core Naked Trunk ($18.95), Urban Classic Trunk ($20.95), Urban Naked Boxer Brief 9-inch leg ($20.95)

5. Teamm8

From Left To Right: Classic Trunks – Black ($26.99), Jump Trunks ($16.75), Strike Trunks ($16.75), Jump Trunks – Blue/White($16.75)

 Swimmers, Shirts, and Sexy Stuff

1. aussieBum Swimwear

Clockwise Top Left: Old School ($50.76), A-Game ($41.86), Lagoon ($40.60), Retro ($50.76), Superhero ($33.82), Truth ($40.60)

2. Cocksox

Left To Right: CX16 Bikini Brief ($27.00), CXM14E Mesh Slingshot ($20.00), CX14 Slingshot ($20.00)

3. Equmen Shirts

Equmen Crew Neck T Shirt ($99.00), Equmen V Neck T Shirt ($99.00), Equmen Blue Singlet ($44.50)

4. Obviously Modal

From Left To Right: Modal Geometric Low-Rise Thong ($24.95), Modal Retro Low-Rise Bikini Brief ($25.95), Modal Basics Low-Rise Thong ($24.95)

5. Teamm8 Swim Trunks

Clockwise From Top Left: Lanai Swim Short – Mint ($32.00), Surf Swim Short ($36.77), Grid Swim Shorts – Blue/Red ($59.57), Lanai Swim Short – Watermelon ($32.00)

Think you’re ready to tan on Ayers Rock? Or hit the waves of Bondai Beach? Which of these goodies will you take along? Let us know with a comment below or by tweeting @underwearexpert

For more information on these brands: aussieBum, Cocksox, Equmen, Obviously, Teamm8


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