Steven Dehler In The Timoteo Proton Glow

Timoteo Proton Glow

The Timoteo Proton Glow Collection comes in black and white, and either way the looks are sporty, sexy, and flattering. In this photo shoot, we get to see some looks from this collection on Timoteo’s gorgeous model Steven Dehler. Steven has one of those bodies anyone can get on board with. He is smooth and toned to perfection. He has defined abs, complete with that sexy line running right down the middle of his core. He also has a great-looking waist, and it looks even better when paired with the Timoteo Proton Glow Collection.

Steven Dehler is a natural when it comes to posing in his underwear. Timoteo uses his face and body frequently when promoting their looks. And it is obvious to see why. In this shoot with the Proton Glow looks, we get to see him in moodier lightning than usual. He gives the camera some attitude and some serious sex eyes. But we didn’t notice the eyes for a while. We were too busy staring at his body.

Check out the gallery below to see more of the Timoteo Proton Glow Collection on the hot model. Which of the color options do you like better on Steven Dehler? Which of his muscular parts is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Timoteo

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