Reasons Why #WoodIsGood

Reasons Why #WoodIsGood

Underwear brand Wood produces comfortable and basic styles that emphasize fashion with a fun attitude. And let’s admit it, most people smirk when hearing the brand’s name. We know we did, and that’s what the brand wants. Their social media presence buzzes around the hashtag #WoodIsGood. We’d agree. And on their site, the brand has this to say: “Being outdoor people, a link with beach, ocean & snow sports was natural. It embodies our brand: fun, keep-it-real, aspiration to push further no matter your sport, level, or age. It’s also about fashion, and our slightly irreverent take on it.” So in honor of this brand and their sense of humor, we put together a list of reasons why #WoodIsGood. Check it out.

1. #WoodIsGood Because It’s Made From Wood


All-natural is all the rage. More often than not, it is better on the environment and gives the consumer a sense of clean and eco-friendly quality. Wood is cool because their underwear is actually made from wood. Their modal/cotton/elastane blend features modal spun from beech tree cellulose. Pretty cool, and very very comfortable.

2. #WoodIsGood Because Of Bold Colors


Something that comes to mind when we think of basic underwear styles is a bold solid color to serve as the base and a contrasting waistband. Either that or a solid black or white. Wood has got you covered on all of these bases by offering their boxer briefs, classic briefs, hip briefs, and biker briefs in 10 color options.Each can be seen above with the exception of their solid white look.

3. #WoodIsGood Because They’re Stylish


Wood breaks away from their colors though with some camo looks. These are stylish and masculine and come in more than one fit to cater to any guy’s taste in underwear. The colors used in the camo print are dark and fashionable and make for a great standout pair in any guy’s underwear drawer.

4. #WoodIsGood For Lounging Around In


We also appreciate that Wood offers a collection of loungewear. Coming in navy, heather grey and black, Wood offers short and long lounge pants as well as a long-sleeve crew neck top. These are also made with the same soft blend of 48% modal, 48% cotton, and 4% elastane. But there is ever more comfort to be had with their flowing and “drape-y” fit.

5. #WoodIsGood At Putting On A Show


Any underwear brand needs some great runway shows with sexy guys pulling of looks in the best way possible. Founder Terresa Zimmerman and her models all looked great during the LA Fashion Week show at the Avalon Hotel, and gave a sense of what the brand was all about.

6. #WoodIsGood Because They’ve Got Hotties


Of course, who is to say how good a pair of underwear looks until you see it on a cute and sculpted guy? Wood’s models look like they have the right blend of charisma and confidence to pull of the looks from Wood’s line of underwear. Sure #WoodIsGood, but on these guys, it’s even better.

What is your favoring thing about Wood? Would you also agree that Wood is good? We want to know what you think. Share your thoughts in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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