Piado Royal Lime Purple, Feel Regal

Piado is great at using bold, attention-getting colors for their bamboo underwear looks. The Royal Lime Purple Collection is no different, sporting a rich purple with a complimentary yellow providing a stylish contrast on the waistband for both, as well the seams on the trunk. Both are made from Piado’s astonishingly comfortable fabric blend (92% bamboo rayon, 6% lycra) for a fit that is comparable to air. Put them on and you might forget you are wearing them. That is, until someone compliments you on your brilliant purple undies.

The Royal Lime Brief ($20) has a modest fit, providing a decent amount of coverage on the hips. Piado’s briefs are also produced with an updated fit that gives you and your manhood more room in the pouch. The Royal Lime Trunk ($24) looks similar. The legs extend down to bottom of the trunk’s pouch, and the yellow contrast continues into the seams around the pouch itself. It is a fantastic color combination an artist would approve of, and it only makes the brilliant purple pop even more. Both looks have the Piado brand name printed on the waistband in a subtle white. So if you are feeling regal, or want to feel regal, throw on this decadent purple and walk around like you own the world.

These looks are available in sizes S-XL.

Look at the gallery below to see more of the Piado Royal Lime Collection. Are you loving the purple and yellow combination? Which look would you rather sport? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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