Peacock In The Bodyaware Strut Your Stuff Thong

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Bodyaware Strut Your Stuff Thong

Are you a peacock? No, not that flashy bird that can be found in the wild and on the grounds of celebrity’s mansions, but a peacock is also someone who dresses flashy and likes to show it off!

If this sounds like you, the Bodyaware Strut Your Stuff Thong ($17.50) is the perfect underwear as a starter or accessory — however you choose to use it — to complete your snazzy outfit. One look at this thong, and you’ll understand why it made the cut. Bodyaware, who is know for its more adventurous designs, definitely made this to show off. The 90% polyamide and 10% elastane fabric blend gives the piece a thin and sheer look, which will totally outline your nether region. The fabric wraps around the waist to form a Y-string back, so you can really turn around and stick it out.

Made from the softest materials in the USA, the collection has an air of lightness and femininity, but the way it wraps around your waist and the defines a man’s body, it still holds its masculine class. Explore the many colors found in peacocks, for this collection has them all! Try the tongs in white, black, blue, yellow, plum, and pink passionfruit. That’s right, we gave you the go already, get your best peacock on and go strut what your momma gave you down the street!

Are you adventurous to try the Bodyaware Strut Your Stuff Thong? If so, leave a comment below or tweet @underwearexpert.

The Bodyaware Strut Your Stuff Thong is available in sizes XS-XXL.

For more information on the brand: Bodyaware

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