The New, Sexy Cocksox CSX16 Bikini Brief

Cocksox CSX16 Bikini Brief

The new Cocksox CSX16 Bikini Brief is a cute, sexy little piece of underwear that is guaranteed to keep your junk feeling comfortable and looking, well, prominent. The CSX16 Bikini Brief ($27) comes if 5 colors, most with color blocking present on their waistbands. There is the carbon black look with a red waistband, the liquorice black with a pink waistband, royal blue with a green waistband, and diablo red with a black band. The only look in the collection to not utilize color blocking is the quartz white look. Instead, this one is white all around and super sleek in addition to sexy.

The Cocksox CSX16 Bikini Brief is made from a fabric blend that is 92% supplex and 8% lycra, giving them a cotton-like feel that is more lightweight and super breathable. Of course, the most breathable thing about the CSX16 Bikini Brief is the cut of the design. There is a pouch and there is fabric to cover your butt. But on the legs, there isn’t anything but mobility and comfort. And sexiness.

Each of the looks that features color blocking on the waistband also carries the color onto the seams. Each look is also made with a contoured pouch that keeps your junk nice and comfortable while providing an enhancing lift. As if the underwear style itself wasn’t hot enough.

The CSX16 Bikini Brief comes in royal blue, carbon black, diablo red, quartz white, and liquorice black. The look is available in sizes S-XL.

Check out the gallery below to see more of the Cocksox CSX16 Bikini Brief. Which of the colors is your favorite? Do you love the colors that make the Cocksox pouch, and your junk, pop? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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