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Malebasics is one super sexy brand that always spices up our day, whether it’s with their seductive line of eroticwear or their trendy and stylish underwear basics. All of their models are super sexy too, and look insanely hot in whatever Malebasics look. They’ve got abs galore, and it is just one of the reasons we love to follow Malebasics on Instagram. This is our recap of their Instagram feed, and it’s ab-tastic.

1. Sexiness. Just plain sexiness.


Look at those abs. Just look at them (as if you could help it). Malebasics is great at being the very definition of masculine sex appeal, and they’ve definitely got it down to a science. These posts of their Spot Collection are so freakin’ hot. The underwear look great on the model as he gives the camera a bunch of steamy attitude.

2. And a little bit of athleticism too.


Malebasics is also great at promoting themselves to be athletic, and great for the fit and active guy. Their Instagram feed was full of outdoor shots like this back in November. And ever since, we have hoped to run into a Malebasics hottie, shirtless with a backpack, during our hikes. No luck yet.

3. Natural photo shoots


September saw a lot of outdoor model shoots happening too. The shots were pretty simple, an underwear model wearing nothing but, and posing with rocky terrain as his background. But we don’t need much to see why Malebasics is such a hot brand.

4. And more urban photo shoots


Their dressier underwear styles also make appearance on their Instagram, and they’ve never looked so good. These more urban photo shoots are great at showing off their trendier underwear looks. And did we mention this brand has an affinity for models with insanely sculpted abs?

5. Their hot guys staying hot


Of course, we know these guys put a lot of effort into those six muscles that make us melt. One of the best things to pop up on Malebasic’s Instagram feed were posts that showed their men half naked at the gym and working on their bodies. Talk about breaking a sweat.

6. And finally, these shots of heaven


This is definitely another gem. You’re looking at the Malebasics stand that was up at the Rio Hotel in Vegas during the International Lingerie Show earlier this year. The stand looks like an underwear fan’s dream come true. You have all those sexy Malebasics looks right in front of you, and a model to show you just how hot the looks can be.

Do you follow Malebasics on Instagram? What is your favorite thing about how this sexy brand promotes itself? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Malebasics, Instagram

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