Jungle Fever, The Mundo Unico Amazonia


Something exciting is happening in the North East Corner of the Amazon. The hot, humid days and darkly wild nights of the world’s largest rainforest could be the inspiration for the Mundo Unico Amazonia model shoot, because we are feeling the heat just looking at the looks on Mundo Unico’s sexy models. The briefs and trunks put out by this Columbian Underwear brand feel every bit as good as they look. The trunks fall to the upper thigh while the briefs hug the upper hip line to caress your body with a tender grip that enunciates your frame without overwhelming it.

The color pattern on display in the Mundo Unico Amazonia shoot are equally striking. The pinks, teals, reds, blues, and fun patterns stand out with striking clarity against the brilliant green of the jungle. With their wide waistband that proudly displays the brand name no jungle tribe will be unsure of which underwear  you’ve got on. The Mundo Unico Amazonia photo shoot proves with ease and stylistic grace that you’ll feel as striking, bold, and beautiful as a bird of paradise when you’ve got them on. Or a lithe jungle cat.

For more information on this brand: Mundo Unico

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Photo Credit: Mundo Unico

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