Introducing M. Marcelle, By Mia Marcelle

M. Marcelle

Mia Marcelle Swimwear is treading in new waters, and stirring the doldrums of men’s fashion. During the launch of their second swimwear collection — which took place during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week — designer Amber Wagner also debuted the California-based brand’s first splash into men’s swimwear. Under the label M. Marcelle, the line of men’s swimwear looks included board shorts cut in the most flattering way, fitted yellow trunks, and square cut trunks. Each one looked stunning on the insanely hot guys, each oh whom strutted down the catwalk shirtless and barefoot.

The fitted board shorts are seen about 2 minutes in to the fashion show. They feature a tropical blue and green pattern done in vertical stripes. The legs are cute sexily, short enough to fall above the knee. The waistband is also very sleek with a dressy button to top of the look. The next look from the M. Marcelle line comes out 4 and a half minutes into the video. This one is the fitted yellow trunks. The shade of yellow is fashionably soft, and the look includes a drawstring the waistband for a proper fit. The look also has some contrasting blue seams going around the bottom of the legs for some nice complimentary, contrasting colors.

Another look from M. Marcelle immediately follows this one, the square cut trunk. This look is the most form-fitting of the three and has a beautiful black and white pattern across the swimwear’s body. The design covers the entire look, which also includes a drawstring, but here the cord is more understated than on the yellow trunks. Check out the gallery below to watch the three M. Marcelle looks take a trip down the runway. And if you’re jaw literally drops when the first guy comes, know you aren’t alone. We think he’s hot too.

Check out the video above and the gallery below for better looks at the M. Marcelle line of men’s swimwear from Mia Marcelle. Which of the swimwear styles do you think is the sexiest, and most trendy? Which one is your favorite, and the one you want to wear the most? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Mia Marcelle


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