Instagram Round Up: Derek Allen Watson

Derek Allen Watson

Derek Allen Watson has a lot of personality. It’s a great personality, without a doubt, and we get to see several sides of it on his Instagram. Derek, if you don’t already know, is a total stud. He rocks a beard in a youthful and rugged way. He has the most capital of V-shaped waistlines. But the best thing out this gorgeous man’s Instagram feed is that there is plenty of Derek to stare at and several words of wisdom. This is our official round up of his Instagram, and if you don’t follow him already, you’ll want to after taking a look.

1. Derek Allen Watson is sexy


If you’re someone with an interest in following male underwear models on Instagram (which we assumer you are if you’re on our site), there are a few things that must be there. One of them, and maybe the only one, is pics of the stud in their underwear. Derek Allen Watson gives us that, and he always looks so damn good.

2. And a little edgy


Of course, it is always hot when a guy has a bit of an edge to him. These grungy shots show the more rugged side of Derek. He smokes a cigarette and swears he didn’t see that sign above him.

3.Derek Allen Watson appreciates art


Believe it or not, there is more to an underwear model than their body. Weird, right? Well, Derek has posted a few drawings on his Instagram lately. The one the left is a drawing of him. The one on the right is also a drawing of him, if you use your imagination.

4. And gets a little creative himself


Derek also lets things get a little goofy, and even a little weird. These gems from his Instagram feed show that he isn’t afraid to show off who he actually is— whether it’s his dick in a box, or disappointment from the Easter bunny. And, is that Casper being a too-friendly ghost?

5. Even with his filters


This trippy effect is pretty cool, and quite possible Derek’s favorite. As you can see, he has used it more than once. But we don’t mind, because the effect is cool, rainbow-y, and there is two of him in each shot. Which is good considering we can’t get enough.

6. Derek Allen Watson has a heart


But Derek also has another, more intellectual side. He offers words of advice for many of life’s moments, from the serious to the sexual. The pic on the far left is of his tattoo, a poignant quote that uplifted Derek during a not-so-bright time in his life. Now those are stories worth sharing.

6. And even appreciates poetry


An underwear model with an appreciation for poetry? Excuse us while we swoon. Derek posts a lot of text pics on his Instagram. The majority of them are inspirational quotes on confidence and strength, but some of poetry. And if he likes poetry, he’s gotta be a sweetheart under those muscles.

7. But most of all, Derek Allen Watson is sexy


Whether he is in his underwear or not, Derek is a hot guy. And let’s face it, aren’t hot guys what Instagram is all about? Or at least should be? Derek has style and class, humor and heart. We get small doses of each with his Instagram posts. But more often than not, we are treated to large doses of sexy.

Do you follow Derek Allen Watson on Instagram? What are your personal favorite pics from his Instagram feed? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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