GO Green Fit: Weighted Muscle-Ups

Frank Dandy Brief Update

Bar muscle-ups are difficult to do for just about everyone and are one of the more difficult variations of muscle-ups. But to add  to the difficulty and resistance, and the results, our trainer performs weighted muscle-ups in this video. Muscle-ups are great at toning and strengthening your upper body. When doing bar muscle-ups, you want to start with your hands gripped at the top and the front of the bar. With each rep, you want to keep your body controlled and moving slowly. This way, you really put the strain and effort into your muscles.

Weighted muscle-ups only add to the benefits that this move packs on for your upper body. In the video, our trainer does 3 sets of  5 reps of weighted muscle-ups. For the first two sets, he wore a 10-pound vest, and for the last, he moved up to a 15-pound vest. This of course adds more weight for him to lift during the movement, and makes the workout more effective.

Ever tried adding resistance to your workout routine by wearing a weighted vest? Have you ever tried performing weighted muscle-ups? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.


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