GO Green Fit: Total Workout

For this workout, gogreen2nd combines double unders and AB mat sit-ups with various forms of plyometric exercises. In total, the routine has four sets. In the first set, he performs 100 double under reps and 50 AB mat sit-ups. After those, he throws in 40 reps of burpee box jumps. For the rest of the workout, he will decrease his double under reps by 20 and his AB mat sit-up reps by 10. His plyometric exercises also decrease by 10 reps, but each time they are different.

This workout is an intense one because of the various areas that it targets separately. Sit-ups are still and always will be the standard when toning your core. The double unders serve as good cardio, and are a great way to warm up for the plyometrics. In the second set, gogreen2nd switches from burpee box jumps to box jump overs. And then for the final two sets he switches to air squat to box jumps and box jumps.

Which of these exercise are you most likely to be caught doing at the gym? Do you also mix up your workout routine in similar ways? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.


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