GO Green Fit: More Ring Exercises

For this video, gogreen2nd combines two different ring exercises. The routine includes a total of 4 sets. Each set consists of 3 muscle-ups and 10 strict ring dips. When it comes to building up your upper body strength and packing on muscle, ring exercises are some of the best. Think about how ripped the gymnasts are during the  Olympics, and how obvious it is that ring exercises require a lot of strength.

If you want to break into ring exercises, the first things you need to master are holds, pulls, and pushes. These are the fundamentals that give you enough strength to remain in control of whatever motions you choose to do on the rings. The biggest and most difficult benefit of ring exercises is their lack of stability. When performing exercises on a bar, your body is the only thing moving. But with ring exercises, there is more work put on your body to counter that lack of stability.

Are you one of the people who can do ring exercises at the gym? What tips do you have for getting starting with ring exercises? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.


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