GO Green Fit: Ring Dips

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Ring dips make several appearances in gogreen2nd’s Instagram videos but they’ve never looked this painful. For this workout, he attaches an 88lb. kettlebell to himself to increase resistance. Ring dips are a great exercise for strength training, and even more so when resistance is added. And while your triceps will reap most of the benefits from this move, your chest and shoulders will also get in on the action.

Because the resistance makes Go Green noticeably and understandably slower, you can really see his form when executing ring dips. After gripping the rings, he jumps slightly to pick up momentum and get all the weight off the ground. Flexing your elbow and lowering your body is a difficult part of this movement, but coming back up with the added resistance is even more challenging.

What exercises have you added weight to to increase resistance? What is your favorite exercises to do using gymnastic rings? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.


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