GO Green Fit: Hollow Rock

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The hollow rock is a gymnastics move that appears frequently in crossfit routines and workouts that aim to target your core. The movement looks simple enough, but when done correctly they are a challenging and effective way to tone your abdomen. You start a hollow rock rep by laying on your back, your hands stretched out above your head and your feet sticking straight out as well. From there, you raise both your hands and legs about a foot off the ground. Your body should be in a slight crescent shape, and from there you start rocking back and forth.

Keeping your back rounded is what makes the hollow rock an effective exercise. The movement is one of the better ones at targeting your lower abs, which several other core exercises put on the back burner. Lower abs are the harder parts of your core to tone, but if you can do a hollow rock right, you’ll be one of the few with those bottom two abs. So keep your curve and avoid any flat spots during the motion.

Have you ever tried performing a hollow rock before? What other movements do you do to hit your lower abs? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.


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