GO Green Fit: EMOM Hang Snatches


By now you have seen gogreen2nd do countless amounts of hang snatches. Hang snatches are one of those exercises that appears to target a single area, when in reality, it is nearly a total body workout. As with a lot of these power lifts seen in crossfit training, hang snatches hit your hamstrings harder than anything else. And hang power snatches are, arguably, the best barbell exercise our there. In this video, the trainer does a workout that is every two minutes on the minute for 14 minutes.

Hang snatches are great for building strength, sure, but they also benefit you nervous and skeletal systems. When it comes to your nervous system, think about how your brain tells your body to walk without really thinking about it. This is a goal many athletes have when it comes to power lifts, and especially hang snatches. In terms of your skeletal system, its as simple as having control over your body and its movements.

What is your favorite thing about hang snatches? What other exercises do you feel improve your fitness aside from standard strength and BMI? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.



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