The Equmen Color Study, Or, Why We Got A BFA


Equmen is a niche designer in the underwear market. Their compression based products promote health and stability with their ergonomic design, they promise ventilation and anti-microbial resistance with their fabric blend and structural buildout. But what they remain most humble about is their design.

The Equmen color layout is a study in simplicity that will never go out of style. Ask any European whether to buy patterns or solid colors and they will all likely say the same thing: solid colors never go out of style. Is that why so many French artists wear black?


Equmen’s color palette falls in that vein. The muted greys and blues bring a sensibility to the underwear that aligns with their performance-based focus on your health. However, they still make sure the Equmen colors pop noticeably. You don’t need hot pink or neon green to catch an eye. A beautiful blue, a mist-like grey, or an inky black can be just as arresting. And that’s what we get with the Equmen color study — rich and deep colors for a full and complex underwear design and company.


Do you prefer patterns or solids? If solids what is your favorite color?  Let us know with a comment below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Equmen

Photo Credit: Andrew Werner

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