Cory Zwierzynski Takes The Speed Strip Challenge

strip challenge

Cory Zwierzynski is one of our favorite AC models. How could he not be? He has such an attractive face, an obviously sexy body, and he moves pretty quickly. How quickly? You have to watch him take the speed strip challenge to find out.

Watching Cory take the speed trip challenge takes no time at all of course. And when was the last time you went into a movie knowing the end would be the best part? The speed strip challenge is something a lot of Andrew Christian’s models have been doing lately, and we’ve been waiting for Cory to rise to the occasion. He doesn’t disappoint, he never does. And when he takes the strip challenge, we’re pretty impressed.

Do you think you could beat Cory Zwierzynski’s time in a speed strip challenge? Would you move a little faster if he was racing you? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Video Credit: Andrew Christian

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