BTS With Rhea Litre, Featuring Tayte Hanson


Tayte Hanson is too cute. We knew he was hot, and we’ve known it for a while. But in this ACTV Behind The Scenes video with the hilarious Rhea Litre, we get our best look at Tayte yet. He is pretty new to Andrew Christian and made his debut in the rowdy “Initiation” video that was full of frat boy goodness. But Tayte brings a flavor to the table that is all his own, and we have no problem eating it up. And neither does Rhea.

Yellow is definitely a great color on Tayte. In this video he wears a yellow crop top and booty shorts. He also has a snapback on, facing backwards of course. We’re getting something of a surfer or skater vibe from him. We see he has ink on his skin and long hair. He’s also got muscles and a terrific butt on him. If we had to choose a favorite part of Tayte Hanson, it would be a close call between that butt of his and that adorable face.

Check out the video below for the behind the scenes look with Rhea Litre featuring Tayte Hanson. Do you agree with Rhea when she says Tayte Hanson is dreamy? What about when she says his butt is ripe? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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