Behind The Scenes: AC’s Angels Vs Demons

Angels Vs Demons

There is no earthly reason for you to still not have seen Andrew Christian’s new “Angels Vs Demons” promo. It’s three minutes of gorgeous immortals in a struggle of good against evil, all under the watchful eyes on Andrew Christian himself, cast as a god draped in silver. And while we “300” may have Gerard Butler, we’ve got Topher DiMaggio fighting for the bad boys and Cory Zwiersynski looking more angelic than usual.

The guys, of course, aren’t so innocent or evil in real life. We know this by looking that the behind the scenes photos from the “Angels Vs Demons” shoot. We see nothing but divine, charming smiles and deviously sexy glances as the guys get ready for battle. The good guys, and the sweethearts you’re mom would adore, all sport white wings on their backs. The bad guys, and the devilishly sexy demons, have black wings. Either way, Victoria’s Secret has got nothing on our boys and their feathers.

The behind the scenes photos have selfies, nonchalant battle poses, and even stills of the guys crossing swords in the heat of battle. Cory takes a selfie that alone is hot enough to be a promo, but the really cool thing about this backstage peek is the glimpse of the effort that went into the video, and even the work the models put into it. Against a white background, we see our angels and demons with spears, swords, shields — and it’s only a taste of the man candy mayhem seen in the video. And yes, the video has a body count. But we still consider angels and demons immortal, especially since they bleed glittery light when stabbed.

Check out the gallery below for a behind the scenes look at Andrew Christian’s epic “Angles Vs Demons” shoot. Which side would you rather join? Do you love seeing these angels and demons look as mortal as ever? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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