Animal Underwear: Too Freakin’ Cute!

animal underwear


We’ve fallen victim to the internet’s biggest past time and a popular guilty pleasure: cute animal videos. And being the experts of underwear of course, you know where our focus lies. Would we look at anything but animal underwear? I mean, come on!


It’s no secret that cats + internet = lost wages. You’re welcome.

1. Matte Grey Cat, Hot Pink Undies

At least this cat won’t go unnoticed in a heaby fog. #colorevnvy.

2. Cat Boxes Boxer Briefs

It was then the advertising executive had to rethink his campaign “so easy a cat could put them on.”

3. Oh Give Me A Home Where The Underwear Roam

“NOT FAIR! You never said ‘Marco!'”

4. Cat’s New Hat

Life Lesson: when you really want something (like putting your head in underwear) NEVER give up!

5. Private Property

Having claimed the underwear drawer in the name of all cats, this one is now legally allowed to shoot the owner for trespassing.


Dogs cam be pathetic, but in the best possible way! Cat’s make us laugh, but dogs pull on our heart strings. All day. Forever.

1. SUPER PREGNANT Bulldog in Mickey Mouse Undies

Apologies for the word “discharge.” But this is life folks. And life for an enormous pregnant bulldog … and your couch … is messy.

2. Golden Retriever = Focused Underwear Ninja

So focused Grasshopper. So patient. Now the student becomes the master.

3. Dalmation Underwear with Built in Tail Hole

Why there is no Benny Hill music to this video is beyond us.


Oh my god. Cute. Cute. Cute. Vomit. Cute. Break out in rashes. So CUTE! Vomit a little more. SO CUTE!!! MELTING.

5. Lola, The Underwear Eating Dog (start at 1:13)

It’s basically like the best VHI “Behind The Music” ever, with foreboding melodies, documentary camera angles, and best of all, this revelation: “Lola pooped out the underwear.”

6. Louie The Beagle

Rain and foreboding thunder? What could it be?! Oh wait, it’s a beagle eating underwear, cue the old time piano hall music!



Don’t think an underwear obsession is only for cats and dogs. Underwear has got a hold of most animals on the planet.

 1. Those Rascally Ferrets

Here is the answer to where those missing socks from the dryer go. Ferrets. Case Closed.

2. Chimpanzees and the Tighty Whities

Don’t believe in evolution, eh?! I think this video proves it, so don’t be a sore loser.

3. The Cow Says: BRIEFFFS!

Our only worry is that those briefs will make the cow produce chocolate milk. Let that sink you. 3, 2, 1 …

4. “Worms Eat His Underwear”

What …. THE …. $*#@!

5. Seven Friends in Their Underwear

Things that rhyme. Give us time. To realize what’s there. A skunk, a big foot, a squirrel, and a bear in his underwear.

Do you have any pets that love underwear? Don’t be shy, tell/share your best animal undies tale! Let us know with a comment below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Video Credit: Youtube


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