Andrew Christian Models Show Off In The “Jocks In Jocks” Video

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Jocks In Jocks
What’s hotter than your favorite Andrew Christian models working out in your favorite style of underwear? Nothing. Watching the new “Jocks In Jocks” video will justify the jockstrap fetish you may have. It certainly has for us.

Just released, the newest Andrew Christian video has really raised the bar. It’s an all out hot, sweaty, masculine meat fest, with the models teaching us some new moves. Two man spider push up? Check. Hand stand push ups? Check. It also doesn’t hurt that there is a huge wrestling scene with the half-naked models grappling and falling all over each other.

The guys are pretty hot, but the underwear is just as hot too! This video features some of Andrew Christian latest creations including the Almost Naked Bubble Butt Jock, Almost Naked Thong Jock, Almost Naked Gigolo Brief Jock and Trophy Boy Glimmer Jock. If this video didn’t give you ass-piration, we don’t know what will!

Did this video give you a newfound love for jockstraps? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

Fore more information on the brand: Andrew Christian

Photo/Video Credit: Jeff White

Sponsored by Andrew Christian


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