Andrew Christian Models, The More The Merrier

Imagine seeing all of your best friends at the same party. Isn’t it nice when you get to see all your friends together at the same time, like for your birthday or another occasion? Now imagine all your friends are drop dead sexy and hardly ever clothed. Imagine your friends are Andrew Christian models. Pretty awesome right? That is how it feels when we get to see group shots of Andrew Christian’s sexy models.

Each one of their guys is sexy. But when there is a group of them standing together, all smooth and toned and whatnot, the results look like more like fantasy than photo shoot. There is homoeroticism galore, and so much eye candy we could get a cavity. It is a circus of sexy men, and they love to perform.

When it comes to model photos, few brands can hold a candle to Andrew Christian. There guys are all sexy, and some of them could even be called sex symbols. So no wonder we love seeing more than one of them in a shot. Their photo shoots are a lot more fun than white briefs and a bland background. Because when Andrew Christian models throw on their looks, they also bring out their personalities. And that is what we really adore, especially when the guys can feed off each other’s energy.

When it comes to the guys of Andrew Christian, our deadly sins are lust and greed. We want each of them, and we want more of them. Just imagine if these guys were your circle of friends. Life would be a whole lot different, and a whole lot sexier.

Check out the gallery below to see more group shots of the Andrew Christian boys. Is there a model in particular who has a soft spot in your heart? Or is there one you just really find sexy? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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